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As more facts and opinions are expressed about the Johnson Avenue Housing Project, we will either add them to the home page or add new entries in the form of posts such as this one.  You will be able to comment upon those posts, add your thoughts or add contrary views.  So be sure the check the Comments and Posts page for the latest news and thoughts.


7 thoughts on “More Discussion

  1. I’m in favor of infill in the city. However, I think it could be done with some respect for existing neighborhoods and traffic patterns. A good place for many apartments which could house workers would be downtown, but it seems that what we are getting there are a few very expensive homes. It feels like this project is just fulfilling some housing numbers with no thought for their appropriate location.

  2. I think this looks great.

    It’s no surprise a whole bunch of very rich people who built their mansion up the street will complain that they have to share their general vicinity with people of a lower cast (even though these apartments look pretty nice)..

    The design looks great. I like the Frank Lloyd Wright look, and like the public spaces. They should mandate that the “bubbling fountain” or whatever it’s called be built, not just included in the plans to sweeten the deal.

    The only thing I would change would be to have a green roof, and maybe some sort of wind source, such as a wind turbine.

    I really like the roundabout, and underground parking. I could see this looking very nice and being an addition to the neighborhood, despite what the nimbys might say.

    Infill means infill everywhere in SLO, even if it’s near your 2 million dollar house, sorry.

  3. This project needs to be stopped in its tracks. It is absolutely the antithesis of a livable community project. My husband and I moved to this community in 2007 BECAUSE of the way it WAS. . . not the constant developer dreamland it has become. There are only two streets into and out of downtown. The SLO downtown is really the main reason I chose our house above Johnson off Tanglewood. How on God’s green earth are we to add 88 units of 2+ persons to Johnson without causing the worst traffic jam in the whole existence of this town?

    The constant road improvement (that’s a joke) on Johnson and Broad for the past 5 years make us want to move. Would the city budget appreciate the lost of our house tax revenue at a time when the market is so depressed.

    This town was voted the happiest place. It is no longer. QUIT the construction. This and ruining Broad with another 6k homes will totally destroy this ambiance. You are very shortsighted with your constant annexation and new development bent, with no limitations. It just frustrates and saddens me. Please stop. Please.

    There are 100% safety issues with this development. How much does the council see in election contributions from the developers? One would think that could be the ONLY motivation for this and other development projects.

    This does not represent appropriate infill. Infill is where there exists empty space with EXISTING appropriate infrastructure (roads, traffic, utilities, emergency vehicle path, etc.) to justify adding more residents. This is a tiny space, with at best one street leading up to it. There is NO safety for the residents when an emergency vehicle of any sort is needed. Basically, this is a ludicrous decision in the first place.

    d. hurd

    • I absolutely agree. My family is hardly rich (as suggested in a pro-development E-mail). This proposed development shocks the conscience. We have been told along that the District is behind this proposal; however, based on an article in today’s Tribune, the District initially proposed constructing four homes, but the City stepped-in and proposed/required this monstrosity.

      People of the Fixlini Terrace area (Lizzie, Iris, Fixlini, Ella, Skylark, Wilding) must mobilize to stop this horrific proposal. “Progress” (i.e., construction) is one thing, but to shoehorn a giant apartment building, adding hundreds of people and vehicles, into the neighborhood, is mind-blowing recklessness. The spill-over effects will affect numerous other neighborhoods (for example, San Luis Drive and the Mitchell Park area).

      My family and immediate neighbors will begin to mobilize, beginning with a FOIA request on the District and City regarding this idiotic project. Our elected officials must be taken to task for proposing this thing in the first place. I doubt any of these officials would want this thing constructed in their neighborhood.

      I am dismayed by this thing.

  4. We’ve already voiced our concerns about this project in a letter that was included as part of the EIR package submitted to the Planning Commission for their May 9, 2012 meeting. It’s obvious to us that the scale of the project as described in the EIR is overwhelming for our neighborhood. It would clearly have a negative quality of life impact for current neighborhood property owners/residents who have for years have supported the county’s tax base. The photo shop images confirm the overreaching scope of the JAHP and, at the very least, it needs to be dramatically scaled back to its original low density focus.

  5. I have no problem with a school district utilizing its real estate to generate revenue. Our taxes are diverted to invasions and corn subsidies, not education. However, this proposed development is doomed to become more student housing. Our neighborhood is already negatively impacted by students. Cal Poly owns significantly more real estate than San Luis Coastal and should take much more responsibility in housing their kids.
    The Johnson site could be developed in a way attractive to families or retirees and we would all benefit.

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