Land Use and Circulation Update (Luce) Meeting – July 28, 2012

This would be a good meeting for concerned neighbors to voice their opinions about the Johnson Avenue Housing Project.  Having at least one representative at each meeting location would be ideal. More details about the Land Use and Circulation (LUCE) committee can be found here.



2 thoughts on “Land Use and Circulation Update (Luce) Meeting – July 28, 2012

  1. Having purchased my property on Lizzie Street about forty-five years ago; and lived in the house I built, for forty of those years; I’ve seen a lot of changes. Most of the changes have increased the density of this, mostly R-1 single family zone. The city, for the most part, have looked the other way, as many took single family residences; and converted them to multi-occupant (non-related)dwellings. Most of the conversions have been done without variances. And, if they’ve been given variance, the city has granted them through device or without public hearing. The city has turned down several developers request to put High Density housing in the Lizzie-Fixlini area, city zoning and traffic concerns.

    Now, of course, when it’s the city’s turn to do a project for another government entity, the school district, the city policy makers (and their staff) pull off their cloak of “smart growth”; and throw untold bunches of tax dollars to a development plan that is, not only out of scale for the neighborhood, but for much of the rest of the city.

    Many who have known me for many years, understand that I’m not anti-development. However the plan is not only dangerous (from the traffic problems) for current residents and planned occupants; but it has many hidden costs to those of us that already live in the area. One of those many costs is fire insurance. I’ve talked to a retired insurance professional (not a salesman). He confirmed what I suspected: YOUR FIRE INSURANCE PREMIUMS WILL INCREASE, reflecting the increase danger and exposure due to the increased density and difficult access. It should be known that the underwriters are always on the alert for dramatic changes such as the city proposes. It was much the same over forty years ago when the insurance people discovered a lack of fire hydrants in our neighbrhood.

    Folks, from what I’ve seen, the paid consultants, including a former San Luis School District Assistant Superintendent and, of course the city staff (not to mention the policy makers), have not fully addressed the many problems with this development.

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