Potential Impact of JAHP

Below is an initial list of those who could be potentially impacted by the proposed development.

  • Residents above Johnson Avenue using Lizzie Street
  • Residents who travel Johnson Avenue
  • Residents who live in the San Luis Drive Neighborhood
  • High School Students, High School Parents and Adults who drive, park or access the Adult School
  • Doctors, Patients, Employees and Administrators who work or use the French Hospital Complex
  • Residents who drive on Buchon and Pismo Streets
  • Emergency vehicle operators accessing French Hospital and the neighborhoods above Johnson Avenue

Any others you feel should be added?  Comment below.


One thought on “Potential Impact of JAHP

  1. Bicyclists who use the Johnson Avenue corridor as a means of ingress and egress to and from the downtown will undoubtedly be adversely affected by the increased automobile traffic, especially during morning and evening commute times. Even presently it is certainly less than pleasant to contend with the traffic and the divergence that occurs between Lizzie Street and San Luis Drive during morning and evening commute times.

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