SLCUSD School Board Documents

The SLCUSD has provided us with the relevant Board Meeting agendae, minutes and reports where the Johnson Avenue Housing Project was discussed.  Unfortunately for us, many of the meetings  discussing the project were held in Closed Session with the board members, counsel and Brad Parker who was then the District’s Director of Facilities, Operations and Transportation and point person on the project.  The disposition of the Johnson Avenue Property was originally discussed as part of an effort to help provide affordable housing for teachers, staff and recruits, the Employer-Assisted Housing (EAH) program.

Most relevant is the decision by the board late in 2006 to move forward with the city to get property lines and zoning changed (“entitlement”) for a 14 unit single family residence (SFR) project.  And subsequently in 2010 to contract with Cardinal Consulting (now independent Brad Parker) on entitlement for a high density 84 unit project.  Unfortunately, the documentation provided by the SLCUSD does not provide any insight as to the change in direction from a low density project (2006) to a high density project (2010).

This is recommended reading to see how the process evolved.  Click here to see the document.  Be sure to right click on the document, turn on Navigation Pane Buttons and show book marks.  This will provide the ability to go directly to a particular meeting.


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