Bella Montana – Deja Vu all over again

Does anyone remember the issues over the development of Bella Montana at the intersection of San Rosa Street and Highland Drive opposite the north entrance to Cal Poly?  It is strangely familiar to the Johnson Avenue Housing Project.

  • The school district minutes indicate the original impetus for looking into the disposition of the Johnson Avenue school property was to provide housing assistance for SLCUSD teachers, staff and recruits.  Cal Poly built Bella Montana for faculty and staff.
  • The project was opposed by the local neighborhood on density and traffic issues.  JAHP has density and traffic issues.
  • An EIR was created for Bella Montana, the resulting EIR was flawed and the neighborhood group had to sue the State College System.  Eventually they lost the suit.

Are we doomed to follow the same fate?

Yes, we may have to result to the same tactic, but there seem to be differences between Bella Montana and JAHP.  First, while the property and the schools are involved in both situations, the law suit was lost because it was State property and it does not fall under City development regulations.  Second, it appears that the traffic and congestion issues are far more acute for JAHP.

What do you think?  Click here to learn more about the Bella Montana project.

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