Insight into the change from 15-SFR plan to 88-unit plan

We finally have some insight into the move from a 15-lot SFR plan to the current 88-unit high density plan.

According to a letter from Oasis on May 7, 2010,  the 15-lot SFR plan was submitted to the City on Aug 17,2008.  Also, according to the Oasis letter, that plan resulted in a response from the City that there were substantial issues with that “scenario, and ultimately no staff support for the project”.  For weeks, we have attempting to get documentation from the City that confirms or denies the City’s direction to move from the SFR plan to the current high density proposal.

This week we received a copy of a letter written by Tyler Corey, Associate Planner for the City, to Oasis, “the completeness letter”, dated June 20, 2008.  This letter lays out several concerns of the City with regard to the proposed 15-lot SFR proposal.  Interestingly, this letter is dated prior to the supposed submission date of Aug 17,2008.  The letter is attached below.

A review of the letter from a layman’s eye doesn’t seem to reveal a catastrophic flaw in the plan.  However, I wait for someone more experienced to provide an assessment of the letter.

The letter goes on to reference a follow-up meeting to be held on June 26, 2008.  So far attempts to find out what was the substance of that meeting have been fruitless.

Completeness Letter

Tentative EIR Dates

According to Pam Ricci, the City’s project planner for the JAHP, “The preparation of the Draft EIR is taking longer than we originally projected, but is moving along now.  The Draft EIR will be available to the public on December 18th.”  She listed the following tentative dates for the EIR:

  • Draft EIR public review period (45 days) – 12/18/12 to 2/1/13
  • Architectural Review Commission review ( aesthetics discussion in EIR) – 1/7/13
  • Planning Commission review of Draft EIR – 1/23/13