January 30th JAHP Meeting

JAHP 1-30-14 meeting

There will be a meeting on January 30th at the Adult School, Room H1, to discuss the Johnson Avenue Housing Project and Fixlini Neighborhood Traffic Management efforts. Interestingly, this meeting is being sponsored by the Public Works department, not the Community Development Department (Building Department). In discussion with Bryan Wheeler, Traffic Engineer for the City, he said that the meeting will discuss a variety of topics including recently completed traffic studies, mitigation efforts implemented for the Fixlini neighborhood and a presentation by the School District / Developer on the status of the JAHP project. He said that this was a preliminary meeting prior to the School District / Developer presenting to the Planning Commission in the very near future.

He said that there will be presentations and an open house session for discussion. There is not yet a written agenda, but I will post one as soon as it is available. When I asked about the EIR and the fact that we have received no communications from Community Development about the status of the EIR, he indicated that this meeting was planned to provide information about the status of the EIR and the project and for the Developer to obtain feedback from the neighborhood.

I find it interesting that this meeting is being held in this way and suggest that anyone interested in the project and its impact upon the neighborhood attend. I would love to see that the 100 plus households above Johnson are represented at this meeting to show the School District and the Developer that there is interest, concern and momentum opposing unwarranted and ridiculous development.
JAHP postcard 1-16-14

2 thoughts on “January 30th JAHP Meeting

  1. ok, so now i am getting confused, i received your email dated 22 Jan, saying there is a 20 jan meeting in the adult school. then, based on this email, you show a 30 Jan meeting.

    did i miss the 20th? or was that rescheduled to the 30th? i have been spreading the word, and i brought a hard copy of the draft eir, i am reading and making my mind up on what i want to write for my comments to the official draft eir comments.

    so, please let me know what is the actual date of the next meeting, the 30th? also, did i miss a meeting on the 20th?

    thank you very much.

    dia hurd

    we live off johnson at the other end of johnson, up tanglewood on crestview. we are totally bummed as they are planning on building 900 houses on orcutt to tank farm. we will never get out of our street. 88 apts, just wow.


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