JAHP Community Meeting Debacle



No this is not a local high school science fair exhibit.  This is the JAHP Community meeting arranged by the City about 20 minutes into the meeting after many attendees had departed highly frustrated at the poorly planned meeting.

Over 100 neighbors showed up at the scheduled meeting time to hear that there would be no presentation, no name tags on the “experts”, no introductions and no organization.  Just a free-all-with an “expert” in front of their poster boards.

This is not a criticism of the “experts” some of whom seemed to be very knowledgeable.  Just a criticism of the event planner and city management  who under estimated the interest in the project thinking the response would be slow and minimal like the two year LUCE effort open houses they have been holding.  As you can hear in the video below, it was almost impossible to have a conversation as the noise level in the room was terrible.

One meeting planner made the excuse that they had only received 45 RSVPs.  Gosh, we know that everyone always RSVPs.  And even 45 people would have stressed the facilities and layout.

We can only hope this this meeting was poorly planned because of mis-management and not a deliberate attempt to squelch information transfer and minimize opposition to the project.

One thought on “JAHP Community Meeting Debacle

  1. Thank you for posting this. I was home with our small child, but my husband attended and was shocked by the lack of cohesive, organized information. He felt it lent itself to confusion and lack of clarity. Now you see it, now you don’t… This seems indicative of people who don’t want us to understand the real situation. I believe that we need to get the media involved. This situation is very concerning.

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