School Board Meeting Tuesday

The school board meeting is this Tuesday, February 4, 2014 at the Adult School / District Administration offices in Room J2.  A closed session will begin at 5 PM and the open session at 6 PM.  A presentation and discussion of the JAHP EIR is on the agenda for the open session and it is the last item, 9.09,  in the Discussion section of the meeting.

It would seem to me that having a presence at this meeting by those concerned about the project would be a way to impress the school board that there project has strong neighborhood opposition.

The agenda for the meeting can be view here:

As I understand procedures for the board meeting, public comment is allowed in the following ways:

  1. An agenda item, 6.02, is set aside for public comment on items not on the agenda or for those who cannot wait for the agenda item.  This is limited to 20 minutes.
  2. There is also time set aside for public comment when the agenda item is presented.
  3. To participate in the public comment, a form must be filled out and submitted prior to the meeting (see below for the form).
  4. Correspondence to the board is agenda item 6.01 (see below for correspondence already submitted for this meeting on JAHP).

Board Correspondence from Eric Meyer

Public Comment Procedures

Speaker Request Form

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