New Section – Letters to . . .

A new section has been added to the website, Letters to . . .  It will be used so that letters written to the various agencies – school board, Community Development, commissions, etc., can be read by all interested parties and comments can be made about those ideas and thoughts.

This will provide a vehicle for communication of our thoughts of the project.  It will also inform each of us what the other has submitted to these agencies.  Initially, two categories of letters will be posted, letters to the school board and letters responding to the EIR.

To send a copy of your letter, just go to Feedback in the menu and paste the letter into the comments box.

If you are shy about sending us your letter, remember that those letters to the school board and other agencies will most likely be included in the agenda and the minutes of the meeting anyway.

One thought on “New Section – Letters to . . .

  1. Is the school going to have two different high schools? They have maxed out the roads for San Luis Drive entrances. I came home last night at 7:15, and the line exiting on California reached from Monterey almost to the High School. Ambulances create craziness when people cannot get out of the way, according to my dog walker. And they are not infrequent, since she walks the dogs only most mornings. I have been given a ticket for using the bike lane to bypass 20 cars and no bikes…There was once a way to use this lane to get to San Luis Dr. I was blocking people leaving the high school parking lot when I decided to use the empty bike lane. Speaking of what was, I used to be able to turn Right at the triangle/State Farm stop light. Now I have to wait until those two lanes go south on Johnson, before I can pursue Pismo Street across town. Also Speaking of what was, there was a line indicating road expansion on California on the right as you approach the high school from Monterey: there is a yellow house there now for sale; I once considered it to buy, but did not because of expected widening of California. No development of the hill side should endanger those going to the hospital or getting an ambulance. No development should further cut off San Luis Drive. Maybe if the condos were for homeless without cars….

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