SLCUSD Meeting of September 17, 2013

Below is a segment of the video from the SLCUSD Board meeting from September 17, 2013, where the last reference to the JAHP was made to the board (prior to last week’s meeting).  Carol Florence, Oasis Associates, spoke to the board about the current progress of the JAHP.  Note that the synchronization of the video and audio is a bit off, but you can still hear the content of the presentation.

It is easy to see how the board members could get the impression that the neighborhood concerns might not be an issue from the comments made by Carol and the lack of any representation by the neighborhoods at the meeting.  Especially since this project pre dates many of the board members and the school district management.  What they did not know was that the neighborhoods have been waiting for the release of the EIR before re-energizing their efforts.

2 thoughts on “SLCUSD Meeting of September 17, 2013

  1. I thank everyone for their hard work.

    I am very frustrated about roads since we lost Dave Romero.

    Please, you cannot permit 454 condos/parking to go into the junior high/high school area. San Luis Drive cannot easily access town, the French Hospital, or get across town. I take Pismo and Buchon frequently to get to Broad or South Higuera. Pismo and Buchon residents are not happy with me traveling through their areas.

    Thru-lanes have been cut back in many places in SLO: including at the State Farm triangle on Johnson Ave. I used to be able to turn right and then left onto Pismo. Not anymore: Two lanes go onto Johnson Ave. south.

    The distance given for left turns onto Mill from California and the high school is technically too short: I frequently pass 5-8 cars going straight when I’m taking Mill left.

    The ambulance access to and from French Hospital has created chaos many times in front of my dog walker. “Crazy” and “Chaos” were her words. Has the City gotten a review of their plans from French Hospital and the ambulances?

    I was given a ticket for not waiting for 20+ cars ahead of me, and going over the bike lane when there were no bikes: I started when I saw the high school could not get out of the parking lot. The policeman asked no questions and wrote a ticket. He was ahead of me in the line. (Again, the lane for straight ahead and left block me from entering San Luis Dr. Perhaps the bike lane took what used to permit me into San Luis Dr.)

    Monday, 2/3/14, night I returned from physical therapy to find that I could get to my home, but traffic was backed up on California almost to San Luis Dr., facing Monterey St. I do not know if there was a high school event or not, but 7:15 pm is not when I expect such back-ups. I am not a frequent driver. I did expect to stay here on San Luis Dr. because of closeness to the hospital. That reason is quickly going away. If someone wants to develop the area right of the high school, let it be for homeless without cars: I’d gladly give $1,000 to that effort. And, 60 Minutes just verified last night what I wrote earlier…It is less expensive to have homeless in housing than on the streets.

    Widen the streets on California, Johnson, and to San Luis Drive. People on Lizzy, Woodland, Wilding Lane, Skylark Lane, Fixlini St, Ella, and Iris Streets cannot get out within 10 minutes. What happens if a train car derails with toxic fumes…or if we have another Fukushima?

    I know in the 70s California Street was marked for widening. Which would have been on the right as you approach the high school.

    I have lived through the widening of Johnson Ave and have seen Mrs. Biladou’s beautiful yard greatly impacted. I think widening might have to be across the street from 1730 Johnson Ave, since a steeper driveway is not likely navigable.

    Please create a bus stop in front of the condos, if they are built, and I hope 14 affordable homes for teachers are built instead. If the high school does not intend to develop another campus, save the land for the High School Theater. The High School really should develop another area: We are already too impacted. What happens with the Prado development and others? Perhaps the high school should have its land shaved for widening and the high school should go two stories for parking.

    Evidently a round-about is suggested: Will we need mitigation for the mitigation?

    The same goes for any “convention center” on upper Monterey. It is crowded now and Cal Poly is not shrinking.

    We often need a light on California where I come off the freeway: Cal Poly only grows. And, frequently, I cut across town when I see trucks and autos in packed lanes ahead of me. I get off the North 101 at Broad, Santa Rosa, or Osos…to get to San Luis Dr.

    Where is the overpass to Target?

    Marsh and California streets were not included in the Traffic Report for Condos near the high school on Johnson Ave. That exclusion was wrong.

    Last, I’d like you to preserve this letter for the public record.

    Nancy Watts, 1805 San Luis Dr., San Luis Obispo, CA 93401-2621

  2. It is clear from the video that the only reason for the project to go to the ARC on 2/10/14 was to make the District’s Request For Proposal to potential developers seem more realistic. I hope that the ARC’s tepid response to that will be one more reason for the District to reconsider their ideas.

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