Possible SLCUSD Options for JAHP Site

If you are interested in how the school district may be evaluating its options for the site going forward, I think the best information source would be to look at the minutes and reports from the school board when their initial discussions were held in 2005-8.  Those minutes and reports are on this website either by scrolling down the Home page to the area entitled Project Documents | School Board SLCUSD Agenda, Minutes and Reports | 2006 – 2010 or click here.

First, the minutes discuss the 7/11 group which looked at the property to determine if it was surplus and to recommend to the board its disposition per California Education Code sections 17387 et al.  Interestingly, the 7/11 committee primarily recommended the disposition of the property as a way to help teachers and staff afford housing. That was the context of their recommendation to dispose of the property.

Subsequently, the Facilities Director for the district, Brad Parker, performed several analyses (see September 19, 2006 minutes and attachments) looking at the economics of various options including a 38 lot affordable housing option and the 14 lot R-1 SFR option.  The 14-unit option was deemed to provide the most value for the district, roughly 1 million dollars more than high end of the estimate, $2.5 – $4.0 million, for the 38 lot option. Of course, I would estimate that current value is less than what was projected based upon 2006 housing values. And, even, at the high value, it was estimated that the contribution to the school district general fund revenue would be $200,000 per year. That represents 0.28% of the district’s $72 million dollar budget.

Not really relevant for the forward looking analysis is the fact that Brad Parker became an independent contractor and worked on the project as a consultant in 2010. And the minutes for 2010 show the amount of money paid to Oasis, almost $360,000 authorized up to that point.

And, of course, none of those projections figured the cost of mitigation and the impact of neighborhood opposition.

I would guess that those analyses and discussions would be the starting point for the school district as it now moves forward given that they have abandoned the 88-unit high density option.

Give these minutes a read and share your thoughts of how the district might proceed and what you might recommend if you were in their shoes.

I think that the school district might consider re-evaluating the 7/11 committee recommendations if they are not going to use the property as affordable housing for teachers and staff.

My opinion is growing that the site would make a great park area for the high school, for the school district offices, for the neighborhood and for the community. Look at how nice that site looks without the proposed development in the image below.


2 thoughts on “Possible SLCUSD Options for JAHP Site

  1. Greetings! City has surplus finds I say buy for interior open space! Thanks! Stephan from Honduras

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    • Stephan, I would suggest that it be kept as school district property. Maybe we could get some money from the city for fixtures and equipment, or a grant or donation and the school district could keep it maintained with their existing personnel who maintain the high school and the district offices. That way it is still in the school inventory in case future generations need the property for school needs. And the school district is a hero for thinking about the community recreation needs. Just a thought.

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