Letter to ARC – Russ Seacat, 2/7/14

Sumi and Russell Seacat
2036 Skylark Lane
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Tel:  805-704-1242
7 February 2014

Architectural Review Committee
City of San Luis Obispo
919 Palm Street
San Luis Obispo, CA  93401


Dear Members of the Committee:

This letter is forwarded to request that you reject the Draft EIR submitted for the referenced project and that you direct the applicants to rethink the project in conjunction with organized input from the adjacent neighborhoods.

This request is based on the following concerns about the project as currently configured:

  • The number of units and proposed density of development is inconsistent with the neighborhoods of which it will be a part.  No zoning in adjacent neighborhoods exceeds R-2.  The density of the actual (net) acreage used for the housing should be no greater than that provided in an R-2 zone as is appropriate to the slope of the site.  (12 units per acre for sites with slopes under 15% and 6 units per acre for sites with slopes in excess of 15%).
  • The type of housing proposed (2 and 3 story apartments and townhouses, some of which are over parking) is inconsistent with the character of the developed housing in adjacent neighborhoods.
  • The aesthetic and architectural mitigations suggested in the EIR – stepping back, material selection, color muting and landscaping – are irrelevant when the scale and massing of the project are totally out of character with neighboring housing.
  • The “effective height” as seen from the south, due to the topography of the site, will greatly exceed the 35 feet suggested by the submitted documents and is unacceptable.
  • The proposals to mitigate the traffic impacts described in the EIR related to Lizzie and Fixlini Streets are inadequate.  The traffic generated by this development will have an extremely detrimental impact on the neighborhoods bordering these streets and to the north of the project.  If the project is to proceed some access to it must be provided from San Luis Drive.

Thank you for your consideration,

Russ and Sumi Seacat

CC       Pam Ricci, Senior Planner

By email:  pricci@slocity.org


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