Letter to City Council – David Kuykendall, 2/3/14

Comment: (Addressed to the City Council & Mayor)

I am writing you to ask for your support for opposing high density housing as part of a proposed Johnson Avenue Housing Project.

I have read the comprehensive EIR document and have discussed the project with representatives at the January 30 project review meeting. At this time, it is unclear who is the driving force behind the high density requirement (the school district says the city, the city says the school district). What is clear is that high density housing, at this location, is not in the best interest of our community.

It does not make sense to support high density housing where there is inadequate access to arterial streets.  The project’s design necessitates the need of residential collectors to accommodate housing traffic. This “cut through” traffic (designs that encourage collector streets to be used as arterial streets) is a violation of the city’s circulation element. Even with traffic mitigation the report expects Buchon (a residential collector) will exceed the maximum target levels.  The report estimates 580 additional daily car trips will be added to the streets currently serving residential housing, our high school and the emergency hospital.

In short, this project design is contrary to the city’s vision for expansion, as jointly defined by the community and city in the newly adopted circulation element.

I support the need for both growth and high density housing in San Luis Obispo.  But growth must be consistent with the long term plans and goals of the city.

The recent initiative by the city to renew its long term circulation plan is a shining example of collaboration between the city officials and its residents. This effort brought together concerns, ideas and the community.

In sharp contrast, the proposed Johnson Avenue Housing Project has been polarizing. Residents not only are raising questions about the wisdom of the project, but also the process by which it was brought to the community.

The January 30 meeting, a scheduled review meeting, was filled beyond capacity. Over 100 people were in attendance. When asked, all (100% of the attendees) were against the high density development project.

My neighborhood (Buchon, Pismo and Johnson), and the neighborhoods of San Luis Drive and Lizzie/Johnson, plan to aggressively oppose the project. A website (https://jahpslo.wordpress.com) and Facebook page have been created. Flyers, petitions and letters to the local paper will follow.

Both as a citizen, and a city council member, you have always supported the health and safety of our neighborhood. You understand the value of neighborhoods. It is with that understanding that I ask for your support.


Dave Kuykendall



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