Letter to School Board – Jerry Schwoerer, 2/3/14

From: Jerry  Schwoerer <carbo@mindspring.com>
Sent: Feb 3, 2014 1:52 PM
To: district@slcusd.org
Subject: Agenda Item 9.09 Johnson Avenue Housing Project EIR

To the School Board:

I have become aware of the Johnson Avenue Housing Project which is in the immediate area of where I live.  This project has many issues that concern all of us living in the area.  I have concerns that are or will be affecting the education of the children of the San Luis School District.  I understand that the School Board has already spent approximately $400,00.00 in consulting and contractor fees.  These are funds that should have been spent on education, not real estate development.

I have several questions related to this project:

  1.  When and how did the School Board decide to pursue this project?
  2.  How does this project fit with your mission which is to provide the best education for the children of the school district?
  3.  How has the expenditures for this project affected the funding for education?

As a county taxpayer and grandparent of children in this school district, I am very concerned how this School Board is carrying out the mission to provide the best for our students.  That should be your primary responsibility!

I suggest that you stop all spending on this project and reconsider how to utilize this real estate asset to advance your proper goals and visions for the children in this school district.


J. L. Schwoerer
1626 Woodland Dr.
San Luis Obispo, Ca 93401


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