Letter to School Board – Dia Hurd, 2/1/14


In re the Johnson Avenue Housing Project

To the Board Members:

My husband and I have lived here 7 years now, and have had family on the central coast for decades.  We love the area and the beauty and serenity.

When I came for the meeting on this topic on Thursday night, 30 January 2014, I took a first view of where the property would be developed.  I believe this to be the most beautiful view in the whole of the city.  I was told that the original plan was for 14 houses.  I told the individual that I was standing with, this view should be preserved for everyone. But, I would greatly accept 14 families having this access, over a bunch of petulant and divisive Cal Poly students occupying the current plan of 88 apartments.

The development of this property was to be discussed at that meeting on Thursday with the City in attendance, presumably to give us a presentation and take questions.  None of that happened.  All that occurred was the setting up of a bunch of posters, and a large quantity of City staff members standing/milling around, instructing us to stand by a poster and ask questions.  When we collectively asked where the presentation was, we were informed this was simply a question and answer session.  Most of us felt angry and that we had simply wasted our time being there.

I have read a good deal of the Draft EIR on this project, having paid $25 to purchase the hard copy.  What an insult this document is!  Significant but mitigable, REALLY?  Please, are you joking with us?

Have you board members actually tried to drive in this area, during the high traffic hours of the day?  I do regularly.   We live at the other end of Johnson Avenue and the City is busy approving up to 900 homes to be built at our end on Orcutt.  Between the two projects we might never get off of Johnson, or out of our neighborhood, again.

Significant but mitigable, indeed.  I cannot imagine that anyone who lives in or knows the Johnson Avenue area, would believe the distortion-filled qualifications used to support that designation.

Stop the planning of this project immediately.  We don’t pay outrageous property taxes in this area so that we can be slammed by a SLCUSD development. We support our great students, not apartments.  This development is ill conceived and seriously inappropriate on this property.

And, don’t get me started about another bunch of Cal Poly students in our area.  We have at least 3 houses of 5-7 people each in our neighborhood circle right now.  We complain to the landlords, but mostly they don’t listen. Do not even think of making some developer wealthier by allowing them to build student housing (unofficial, of course) at our expense.  You might end up with nothing, no supplemental taxes, and no apartments.  We are angry at your proposal.

Dia Hurd,
1642 Crestview Circle,
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


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