Letter to the ARC – Keith & Cheryl Smith, 2/8/14

February 8, 2013

Architectural Review Committee
919 Palm Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

RE: Johnson Ave Housing Project EIR Review

Dear Committee Members,

I live in the Bowden Ranch neighborhood located north of the Johnson Ave Housing Project currently being proposed by the SLCUSD.  I will be directly impacted by this project since all access to and from my neighborhood is via Lizzie St. to Johnson Ave.  I feel that this project as it is currently designed is not an acceptable addition to San Luis Obispo and should be denied.

The size of the project is incompatible with the surrounding neighborhood which consists largely of single family homes.  There are multi-family dwellings built along the Johnson Ave corridor but they are largely on the opposite side of the street and none of them exceed two story height.  This project not only is planned for heights up to four stories but it is also on the uphill side of the street so it will appear even taller.

The sheer size of this project is daunting with seven large buildings.  No other residences even approach this size and I seriously doubt that any mitigation measures can significantly disguise how huge and imposing it would be approached from any direction.  The visual simulations included in the EIR demonstrate this very clearly.

The SLCUSD original plan for this site of 14 single family housing lots would be much more appropriate for the neighborhood.  Even a multi-family project compatible with the current zoning would be acceptable but this project really overreaches.  I hope that the committee members will recognize how unsuited this current project is with the area and request the applicants to revise it.

Thank you for your consideration.


Keith and Cheryl Smith
1638 Woodland Ct
San Luis Obispo, CA  93401

Cc: Pam Ricci, Senior Planner


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