Letter to the Editor, Russ Seacat, 2/4/14

I am sometimes amazed at the lack of awareness of the paid planners of our PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS to the concerns and expectations of the community they serve.  Last Thursday the SLO Community Development Department held a public meeting at the Adult School on the JOHNSON AVENUE HOUSING PROJECT.  Planning and preliminary design were prepared by direction of San Luis Unified School District in 2010 and presented to the community in 2012.  It has since been a major concern of adjacent neighborhoods.

NO changes have been made to the 2010 plan.  The Draft Environmental Report states that all “significant and unavoidable impacts” can be mitigated.  This conclusion is not supported by the neighborhoods.  The number of units, type of housing (3 story apartments and town homes over a parking garage) and the traffic mitigating plans proposed are inconsistent with the interests of the bordering neighborhoods.  When an attendee stood on a chair and asked those in favor of the plan to raise their hands – no one didall raised their hands in opposition.

This plan and the rezoning it requires should be rejected by the ARC and City Council.  The proposers should be directed to begin anew the planning process and include direct interaction with representatives of the adjacent neighborhoods.  Unfortunately that won’t matter if they don’t listen and respond to concerns.

Russell Seacat
2036 Skylark Lane
San Luis Obispo, CA  93401
Telephone:  704-1242


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