Letter to School Board – Wendy Brown, 2/1/14

Board of Directors
San Luis Coastal Unified School District
1500 Lizzie Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

RE: Agenda Item 9.09 Johnson Street Project EIR

To the School Board,

For more specific comments about the EIR, please see my attached letter to Pam Ricci at the Community Development Department.

Here are my direct comments to you.

You and your predecessors have been working on this since 2005. Your intentions have been responsible and diligent. Somewhere in the middle of your process, between May 2008 and February 2010,  the City of San Luis Obispo updated the Housing Element of the General Plan and you were convinced that you needed to change your application from 15 single family lots to an 88 unit multi-family project.  Given the size of the project, the access constraints,  and the impact on the surrounding neighborhoods, this was an extremely unfortunate decision.

You have already spent a lot of money on the project.  Before you spend more on drawings and consultants for a “reduced” project, please consider listening to your neighbors. Make decisions that will enhance your finances, create a livable neighborhood, continue reasonable and safe access to your offices and the high school, and provide housing that will serve new and existing residents in a humane way.

In addition, in order to reduce danger to everyone on the roads during high school ingress and egress hours, please consider implementing some of the lower cost measures you are considering as traffic mitigations in the EIR.  Don’t wait for someone else to get hurt.

Thank you for the work you  do.  It is not easy to balance all interests.


Wendy Brown



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