Ryan Pinkerton Letter, 2/13/14

Dear Johnson Street Neighbors,

As you are all aware, the district has looked at the potential development of the Johnson Street Property as a way to raise revenue to benefit the students and programs of our district.

The plans have gone from 14 residential lots to an 88 unit development over the past 9 years.  The district has paid for a full environmental impact review of the site as well as a supplemental traffic study. What we have learned from the study will help us with any type of future plans for the site.

Though there were no class 1 impacts in the draft EIR, we realize there are issues with mitigating the problems that arise from the development of 88 units. We appreciate the information the public has provided.  Ultimately, the district is also part of the neighborhood and has to live with any development in the area as well.  Thus, we have decided to not move the 88 unit development forward.

At this point, I plan on getting new financial information (cost,  revenue, etc. projections) in regards to the original residential lot development or a smaller multi-unit development.  The school district is also currently going through a demographic study as well as a facility master plan study.  We will look at this parcel in relation to our overall district facility master plan as well.   Then we can decide whether development of the site makes sense.  The facility master plan will hopefully be completed by June 2014.

My hope, moving forward, is that once I have the new information, I can inform the School Board as well as our neighbors.  I would love to have a project that everyone can support.  I don’t have a time line for this yet, but I will continue to work on it.  I will stay in touch with Mr. Hernandez, if and when this is a future agenda item or we are going to schedule a neighborhood meeting.


Ryan Pinkerton,
Assistant Superintendent of Business Services,
San Luis Coastal Unified School District


6 thoughts on “Ryan Pinkerton Letter, 2/13/14

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  2. Time to keep his fingers to the fire. He still is talking about how they will handle “professionally” the re-look at the project. The question remains – what is the process for early and relevant input from the neighborhoods? Let us keep the pressure on the District to involve the community.

  3. It is imperative, I think, that residents from each of the affected areas ask to be included in the required advisory group as provided under Education Code section 17387. I am sending an E-mail to Mr. Pinkerton re this.

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  5. Why doesn’t the school district see the greater value of keeping that land for the future of our students? Once it’s gone they can never get it back. Doesn’t that property ultimately belong to the People? I live in the area and am grateful this project is not being forced on us at this time, however, any sale of that property bothers me greatly.

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